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"A welcoming safe environment to address sexual issues"

The NJ Center for Sex Therapy evolved through a series of prior clinical associations between Dr. Christine Hyde and Dr. Frank Matone.beginning in the spring of 2000 when these two dedicated professionals were treating children and adolescents who experienced traumatic sexual events or were exhibiting problematic sexual behaviors. Dr. Hyde and Dr. Matone each had a background in psychotherapeutic services treating a variety of emotional and behavioral issues and were determined to use their skills and talents to serve the community.

During their tenure at the mental health center, due to a number of factors including the growing mental health needs of the community,  the agency that housed the center was facing a challenge to remain open. At this time Dr. Matone started  practice in the heart of downtown Paterson, New Jersey. He called the large, welcoming, colorfully furnished office suite Clearview Psychotherapy. The name he chose came out of the recognition that, in order for life to improve, a clear view of a brighter future is necessary. Here, with the collaboration of associate Christine Hyde. the focus remained on treating adolescents and young adults with sexual behavior issues as well as anyone who had experienced childhood sexual trama.

Dr. Hyde had already started a private psychotherapy practice in Chester, New Jersey which specialized in treating sexuality concerns. This tastefully appointed, yet warm and comforting office was named  Winterberry Counseling, for the site on which it was housed, Winterberry Farm. Dr. Hyde continued to work with Dr. Matone at Clearview so that the belief they have always shared,  that  everyone should have the opportunity to experience a rich, full sexual life and the ability to express his or her sexuality without judgement, could flourish.

Both Dr. Hyde and Dr. Matone continued their association within these two entities. However, in the fall of 2010, the level of demand for qualified and certified sexual health professionals grew to such a degree that both Dr. Hyde and Dr. Matone recognized the need for expansion. Shortly thereafter, the manifestation of their combined vision,  NJ Center for Sex Therapy, was realized. NJCST offers best practice psychotherapeutic solutions for a wide variety of sexual issues, including those which they treated in their earlier association. With three current locations in north, central and southern New Jersey, a greater number of individuals seeking the help they need and deserve can find a pleasant, welcoming, safe environment to address their sexual issues.