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Clearview Psychotherapy, LLC New Jersey Center for Sex Therapy 440 West Street – Suite 309 Fort Lee, NJ 07024 201-450-8566 A new psychotherapeutic group for bi-sexual and bi-curious men is scheduled to begin at our Chester, NJ office in late February/early March 2020 ds4windows 1.7. The group will meet on alternating Sundays from 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. for six consecutive sessions. This small group offers the opportunity for like-minded men to discuss with each other their experiences, concerns … Read More

What do these have in common? How do they differ from each other? In some ways they are linked, and in other ways they are not. For many folks they are inextricably linked. So let’s take each on its own and consider how they are and are not necessarily always linked. For our purposes today, I will begin and end with topic number one: Sex. Shall I begin with a definition? Too basic? I think not. We all think we … Read More

As promised in my previous post, I am following up on some of the problems associated with excessive use of pornography. First, by no means am I suggesting that pornography itself is wrong, bad or dangerous. That is, of course, when accessed by a “healthy” adult who is able to control their usage and not when it controls them. By healthy, I am referring here to those who are not obsessive or compulsive in their behaviors 엔트리 오프라인 다운로드. Like … Read More

The concept of addiction covers a complex variety of issues which include physical, mental and emotional dependence and/or preoccupation with any substance, activity or behavior 다운로드. There are theories, or more accurately, hypotheses which claim that certain persons are more prone to become addicted. Many call this an “addictive personality.” It may be true that some people can be casual users while others have a tendency toward excessive use 네임드 오락실. Behaviors such as alcohol consumption, recreational drug use, gambling, … Read More

To begin this post, I will first discuss the topic of perfectionism. Like just about everything, it is a subjective description. What exactly is perfectionism? If something is “perfect” it can’t be any better. It is the best. The best according to whom? It is the best I’ve ever seen. The best I’ve ever heard of php 7. The best I’ve ever had. What makes it, whatever it is, the best? Of all these things, whatever they are, this one … Read More

For those of you who have read some or all of my blogs, you may have noticed that I cover a variety of topics. I have tried to make them informative, interesting and current. To keep things interesting, I also incorporate a bit of humor. But I do not take my responsibilities lightly. When at all possible, I cite outside sources 무인도 이야기4 다운로드. Yes, much of what I write about is from my own perspective. This does not mean … Read More

Although sexual enjoyment raises Oxytocin levels in the brain, along with other endorphins which bring about that after-sex good mood, relaxed state and connectivity to one’s partner, not everyone feels that great emotionally after sex. And it may happen sometimes but not others. There have been some recent studies which are designed to determine the causes. So far, the evidence is inconclusive 다운로드. There are many hypotheses, most with real thought provocation, but still no real answers. Individuals have reported … Read More

A fantasy is a thoughtful process where one imagines a scenario that takes them to a place or situation of their choosing. We typically learn to fantasize as children. Children are encouraged to use their imaginations. It appears that with the advent of innovations such as virtual reality, children  may be doing less fantasizing on their own. That is, however, an area of study which is relatively nascent and not valid for this essay. Setting aside whether children’s fantasies have … Read More

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a widespread problem affecting children and adults throughout the United States and many other so-called “first world” countries. It is most commonly discovered before the age of twelve years. Usually it is first noticed by parents or teachers when they find that the child has difficulty concentrating on tasks or when receiving instructions erwin data modeler. Until recently, it was separated into two diagnoses: ADD (attention deficit without hyperactivity) and ADHD (attention deficit with … Read More

When anyone makes a claim of sexual assault, no matter their age gender or sexual history, we have an obligation to listen. Reserve your opinions, do not challenge veracity and please resist offers of advice 다운로드. Just listen. If you have no professional experience, do not pretend you know what is best. Offer support and then follow that up with actual support! Your personal experiences, or those of others you know are not relevant 다운로드. Listen to everything if you … Read More