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Monthly Archives: May 2019

As promised in my previous post, I am following up on some of the problems associated with excessive use of pornography. First, by no means am I suggesting that pornography itself is wrong, bad or dangerous. That is, of course, when accessed by a “healthy” adult who is able to control their usage and not when it controls them. By healthy, I am referring here to those who are not obsessive or compulsive in their behaviors. Like just about every … Read More

The concept of addiction covers a complex variety of issues which include physical, mental and emotional dependence and/or preoccupation with any substance, activity or behavior. There are theories, or more accurately, hypotheses which claim that certain persons are more prone to become addicted. Many call this an “addictive personality.” It may be true that some people can be casual users while others have a tendency toward excessive use. Behaviors such as alcohol consumption, recreational drug use, gambling, shopping and sex … Read More