For those of you who have read some or all of my blogs, you may have noticed that I cover a variety of topics. I have tried to make them informative, interesting and current. To keep things interesting, I also incorporate a bit of humor. But I do not take my responsibilities lightly. When at all possible, I cite outside sources 무인도 이야기4 다운로드. Yes, much of what I write about is from my own perspective. This does not mean that there is no evidence to back up my statements. It may be anecdotal at times, but often that is all we have to support our claims. Empirical evidence is best, but not always available. The sources of those studies and any bias or agendas, hidden or stated, should be considered. In the past I probably made some statements which were controversial, which I do not regret 다운로드. Controversy is frequently how we inspire discussion. Examine the facts and draw your own conclusions from them. Facts are not opinions. that’s why they are called facts. One other thing before I move on. Today’s facts are only true today. If you tell me dinosaurs roam the planet I will seriously doubt the veracity of that statement aoa 직캠 다운로드. If however, that same exclamation was made thousands of years ago, it would have been absolutely true and indisputable. Facts do change. But they are only facts because they are true…right now. Now, on to the blog for the month of January 2019. I hope you will find it helpful. Please continue to the next paragraph. Thanks.

The topics I have covered over the years are all related to sex 발라드추천. Well, this is the New Jersey Center for Sex Therapy, right? So today I am focusing on the therapy aspect. About time, eh? Starting at the beginning, I would like to address the questions most of you want answered. These are the basics. What are your fees? Not unreasonable to want to know how much this is going to cost, now is it? Does my insurance pay for your services 영화 더 넌 다운로드? That’s why we pay those premiums, isn’t it? How long is this process going to take? How many sessions will I need? And the next most popular question I get is: How does it work? Another valid inquiry. Very! I can go over some of the logistics in brief, however there are often circumstances which require further discussion. Some of which are evaluation fees, report writing, etc 미드 로스트 다운로드. These only apply to a relatively small percentage of our population.  Therefore, let’s keep it simple. One hour psychotherapy sessions are assessed at $250. That does include time spent between sessions which are dedicated to paperwork, processing information and exploring strategies for intervention. We are also available, for the most part, to respond to phone calls when patients need some emotional support or ask a pertinent question before their next scheduled session 다운로드. Next, is the insurance dilemma. As many specialists in health care treatment, we are not part of any insurance carriers’ networks. This means that you pay out-of-pocket and we provide you, at the end of each month, with an invoice which you will submit along with a claim form for reimbursement from your insurance company. The amount of that reimbursement varies according to your insurance company and the plan you have contracted for. I always advise prospective patients to contact their carrier in order to determine just how much that will be 다운로드. Deductibles may play a major role here, too. The next question is one that requires its own paragraph, so moving onward, please scroll down.

How does it work? Psychotherapy is an art as well as a science. Building trust and rapport is essential. Exploration of thoughts, ideas, emotions and behaviors are key components gp pro ex 무료. Starting at the beginning, we will ask about family history, background information, any previous experience you may or may not have had with other health care providers. Establishing a foundation on which to build the process. Always keep in mind that this is done, in our practice, without judgement or pre-conceived notions falling slowly 다운로드. You are our main focus and your well-being is first and foremost. Compassion, consideration and communication. We do not seek to “fix” you. We only want to help. Understanding that this is a delicate process, we only push as far as the individual is prepared to go. That is why I cannot answer truthfully the question of “How long will it take?”  I can say in all honesty that most people will begin to see significant progress within the first several sessions. Progress is good. It is encouraging. It brings some level of hope. As treatment continues, the degree of progress may increase. It is a combined effort. All therapy involves the patients’ cooperation. Just an aside here, I do realize that sexual issues are somewhat more intense and may cause some people embarrassment, discomfort or a feeling of intrusion. Our manner of handling those feelings will usually relieve some of your reluctance to engage in this journey. Again, we do not judge you. Sex is a part of our humanity and should be treated as such. How you express your sexuality is not at issue here. How you feel about it is. Consensual sex is good. There are more ways to express that than may of us realize. If you can imagine something sexually, it most likely has been done before, and by a lot more folks than you think.

If I have raised more questions than have provided answers, I did not intend for that to happen. However, it probably just means that I have sparked some further interest. This could be a good thing. I am available to answer, or at least try to,  answer any new or previously unanswered questions which may have arisen. Contact me by phone or email and I will get back to you. I welcome all serious inquiries. Please continue to come back each month to see what’s on the menu. I hope you will find something here that speaks to you.