When discussing sex and sexuality it is important to remember a few things. First, when talking about sex we need to consider that the word sex is both a noun and a verb. The word sex, when used as a noun, refers to the biological differences between male and female. Yes, there are variations of the two, as in Intersex, or when gender doesn’t correspond to the biology. Gender, in other words, isn’t based on the physical or biological sex of an individual. That’s not the topic of this discussion, so we’ll save that for another day. I promise, you will hear much more about that from me in the future.

Sex, the verb, is related to the ways people express their sexuality. Commonly referred to as “having sex,” these expressions range from masturbation to sexual intercourse. Yes, masturbation is an expression of one’s sexuality. You can say that it’s “having sex with yourself” (but not necessarily “by yourself.”) You could have an audience. Hopefully, there is an agreement before the action takes place. Sometimes, mutual masturbation is occurring, which means you’re having sex with someone else in addition to, or instead of, yourself. There are many variations of this type of activity, and the scenarios are almost endless. I can list a few, but not today. That should keep you coming back for more.

So, what is sexuality, then? Is that something that determines how people have sex? Not always. Some folks have sex in ways that have nothing to do with their own sexuality. For love or money, are just a couple ways. Or love of money, perhaps. Nothing wrong with that. Money, after all, does make the world go ‘round. In a manner of speaking. Expressing one’s sexuality isn’t relegated to only one activity, either. Nor does it relegate us to adhering to sexual activity with only one sex or gender. Is it complicated? Not really. Once we sort it all out for ourselves, it’s really quite simple. Are people complicated? To that I must respond with a resounding YES. Well, that is one of the things that make us so fascinating. Complex, complicated, fascinating and full of wonder and surprises. Sex, sexuality and the many expressions that are derived from these two (or is it three?) aspects of people keep us so damn interesting. And interested, too.

For more on this and other sex-related topics (including what else makes the world go around) keep on coming back to this, my monthly blog. Well, except when I skip a month every year or so.