It’s June 2018 which means, in addition to other celebrations such as weddings and the like, it’s Pride month. Members and supporters of the LGBT+ communities are raising their flags and their voices for equality and inclusion 천하일품 요리왕 다운로드. We can celebrate the advances made here in the USA and abroad, but there is much more that needs to be done. You may think that this is not your struggle, that you are not personally affected by the injustice which continues, that you are immune to the discrimination and oppression 다운로드. Well, maybe you are right. You don’t know anyone personally who is fighting for their rightful place in society. You can get and keep a job, a home, a child 다운로드. You are safe. Then imagine for just one minute that your son or daughter, brother or sister, friend or neighbor isn’t safe. Now imagine that it isn’t limited to anyone who lives or loves differently than you 다운로드. Imagine that it is you. You may already be a member of a minority. You have your own struggles. Okay, I hear you. But imagine now that you are also Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender or sexually non-conforming mathtype.
That just makes it at least twice as difficult to live your life in peace and with freedom and equality. If I haven’t been clear enough so far, well let me add one more caveat 마인크래프트 무료. When anyone is denied their civil or basic human rights, it keeps open a wedge which allows the tools of division and exclusion to be driven further into the fragile substance of a free and open society 다운로드. In other words, you can be next!

Now let’s get serious here. Serious about celebrating the month of June. Beautiful weather, happy occasions, outdoor sex Microsoft Office 2016. Oh, wait. That may not be one of things typically associated with June. Not for everyone, anyway. But it’s better in June than December, at least 후 토스 무료 다운로드. Well, here in the northeast I mean. And it isn’t legal either. Not in public for sure. So just for the record, I am not advocating that you break any laws 제이어스 다운로드. By all means, do not break the law. Especially not on my account! But if you think that sex on the beach is just the name of a once popular cocktail, think again. The name had to come from somewhere, didn’t it? Despite the whole sand issue, I’ve heard that the sounds of the waves crashing, the smell of salt in the air, and the warmth of the sun on your back (or front) is intoxicating. So should be the sex. Intoxicating, that is. The beach isn’t the only outdoor venue, however. If it was legal I mean. Grassy fields (bugs), shady forests (more bugs and other creatures, oh my), muddy riversides (snakes, egad!), just to name a few. Still not legal, folks. But day or night, indoors or out, June is a good month to celebrate sex. In addition to about eleven other months of the year. So raise your flags in celebration, no matter what their colors, and have a great month. Out and Proud. But if you’re having outdoor sex (again, not legal), don’t be too loud. Not until it’s legal.